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About us

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At Baines Staffing, we pride ourselves in understanding our clients and staff in order to meet their individual requirements. After careful analysis of the varying demands of the sectors we operate in, we recognised that the demand for competent personnel usually far outweighs the supply. With this in mind Baines Staffing have introduced a proactive management approach to the changing needs and dynamics within Healthcare, Hospitality, Engineering & Warehousing Sectors.


About Baines Staffing Working together
We are building a reputation for the provision of high calibre, competent, reliable and experienced staff and this will always be an essential ingredient to our success. Our management encourage feedback and keep current with the reforms in the health and social care sectors, plus the others sectors we operate in, so as to ensure our continued development and improvement in meeting your needs.


This is in reflection of Baines Staffing commitment to effective staffing solutions. Before selecting any organisation to provide staffing, it is well worth considering whether or not they match up to our Professional Standards.



So, Why Baines Staffing?


  • Our staff are geared to deliver a 24/7 serviceCultural Diversity at About Baines Staffing
  • We only employ experienced & competent professionals
  • All our staff undergo comprehensive pre-employment checks
  • We have a dedicated Quality Assurance Manager
  • Our customer satisfaction processes are monitored daily
  • We are proud of our demonstrable track record of quality and continuity
  • Our location is well situated for all modes of transport & we can provide our own transport facility for staff if needed
  • Our Agency is Managed by Healthcare Professionals and qualified Engineers
  • We have a continuous programme of staff training & development
  • The company encompasses the standards set out by the Skills for Care Councils Common Induction Standards 2005
  • We are members of UKHCA (United Kingdom Home Care Association), REC (Recruitment and Employment Federation) The Chamber of Commerce & The FSB
  • We know the value of our services and price accordingly


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REC (Recruitment and Employment Federation)      Chambers of Commerce     FSB Federation of Small Business       Skills for Care Councils Common Induction Standards 2005    UKHCA (United Kingdom Home Care Association)