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Baines Staffing have a database of professional, fully trained and security screened catering staff. Whether you need a Kitchen assistant or Kitchen porter, we have the staff for you, and we always ensure that the staff member will be the right fit for your business.


Any large-scale kitchen will rely upon catering assistants to keep things ticking over efficiently and seamlessly, so a vacant Assistant role can mean catering chaos! If you have staff holidays or absence coming up, or have been left unexpectedly short-handed, call us. We can arrange temporary cover with experienced Catering Assistants, even for immediate starts


Kitchen Porters

Do you need an extra pair of hands? Kitchen support staff such as porters are a vital component in ensuring that you have a smoothly running kitchen. Our catering recruitment specialists will make sure that your kitchen is never shorthanded. If someone is away on holiday or perhaps ill, a temporary Kitchen assistant could be the perfect solution to fill the gap. Let us take away the stress of unexpected or ill-timed absence by providing you with that extra bit of help.


Event Staff

Baines Staffing housekeeping

Event staffing in London are not very hard to find. There is an abundance of Event Helpers, waiting staff and event co-coordinators. Therefore there also many event staffing agencies competing for the lucrative contracts in the city.
As with any other staff, Baines Staffing is an expert at recruiting the finest event candidates available. Our clients are long term acquaintances and offer us first choice for any event contract available. This has put us in the position of being able to recruit events staff on an ongoing basis. Ongoing recruitment means that:


• Baines Staffing has competent and experienced events staff on hand;
• Event staff are exposed to a variety of events and therefore expand their experience base;
• Baines Staffing data base of events staff allows the agency to cater for more than one event at a time;


Our Guarantee

Baines Staffing knows that there is no room for error in this field. Therefore we require a detailed brief of the clients’ expectations. This will form the basis for a contract for the events staff that the client wants to hire.
We enjoy working closely with our clients and having satisfied clients and candidates. This is why Baines Staffing has this unique approach to event recruiting and staffing. We are proud of our current associations and hope to build new relationships in future.